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NEW! Northwest Commercial Landscaping Maintenance

  • Parking Lot anti-icing, de-icing, and Snow Plowing
  • Sidewalk anti-icing, de-icing, snow blowing, plowing, and shoveling
  • Snow Removal off site or on site relocation

We offer a wide variety of De-Icing and Anti- Icing Products:

  • Rock Salt
  • Calcium Chloride
  • Landscape Friendly De-Icer

As professionals, we have come to believe that good service starts with a professional attitude, which is why we are proud members of the Snow and Ice Management Association. Our relationship with SIMA is just one more way we can increase our knowledge and stay abreast of changes within the industry.

Providing quality service in the winter means more to us than just removing snow or clearing lots; it means a dedication to quality and service to customers like you.

The Northwest Difference
Northwest Snow Removal, Inc. is a local company dedicated to providing our customers with high quality, affordable snow management solutions. We have a 96% customer retention rate and referrals from current customers account for 70% of our new business each year!

Why do so many property owners and managers stick with us?
Because we've saved them money each and every winter!

Our all-inclusive seasonal contracts take the guesswork out of budgeting for Chicago's volatile winters. You pay one price, no matter how much it snows.

Our "per-push" contracts feature PRO-RATED INVOICING for snow events that require more than one visit to your property. Some companies charge their customers full price for daytime visits when lots are full of cars and for post-storm "clean-ups" when only partial plowing and salting takes place. Our clients are only charged a pro-rated amount based on how much actual plowing, de-icing, and sidewalk shoveling occurs during each visit. We wouldn't pay full price for a partial job, and we don't expect our clients to either.

Quick response time – We have multiple salt and equipment storage areas throughout Chicagoland. 50+ crews work all over the Chicagoland area during any storm with ample back up equipment and extra drivers on standby in case of equipment failure.

We purchase high quality ice melt products at the lowest prices available – and the savings are passed on to you!

Our site specific crews visit your site before the season begins. A detailed map of each property is kept on file to ensure that each property's needs are met during each and every snowfall.

Exclusive access to verified weather data and informative, up-to-date industry specific knowledge for property owners/managers on our website.

Dramatically decreased liability from slip and fall incidents through the use of accurate record keeping, innovative safety procedures, weather monitoring, and blizzard/borderline weather event contingency plans.

We are experienced in handling even the most challenging jobs so you can be confident that your impression of our service and attentiveness to your needs will surely be favorable. All we ask is that you give us the opportunity to serve you in a truly professional manner.


Slip and Fall Lawsuits are Becoming More and More Prevalent:

  • "Slip and fall injuries are the third largest cause of workplace injuries."
    Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • "The average slip and fall injury costs $28,000."
    Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • There are social burdens related to this problem, including Worker's Compensation claims – i.e. 40% of all accident claims paid out. Worker's Compensation and Liability Insurance Rates are increasing on the average of 30% per year. The focus should be on prevention, not compensation.
  • "Slip and falls are the single largest cause of emergency room visits."
    National Safety Council

Northwest Snow Removal is committed to helping our customers avoid expensive slip and fall litigation:

  • We keep excellent records of each visit to your property as well as records of weather conditions for each snow/ice event.
  • Your property is inspected by area supervisors during borderline snow and ice events.
  • We arrive on time so that your property is free and clear of potentially hazardous ice and snow before tenants/customers arrive.
  • Our fleet is capable of servicing your location 4-6 times per 24 hour period if requested.
  • We offer our customers a variety of de-icing options.